Who can Join?

The SDVOB exists to serve the cause of veterans in general, with a focus on service-disabled vets. To this end, the organization encompasses a broad range of members:

Veteran-Owned Businesses (Members)

If you are a Veteran (service-disabled or otherwise) and either now own or if you're thinking about starting your own business, join the SDVOB-AZ and take advantage of the networking, referrals, events, and marketing opportunities that are available only to our members.

Non-Veteran-Owned Businesses (Associate Members)

Don't feel locked out if you're an individual or a company without the qualifications to be a certified as a SDVOB. The Elite SDVOB accepts a limited number of associate members to help strengthen the organization's network and achieve the goals we have set.

Corporations, LLC's, and Non-Profits

If you're a corporation, LLC, or even a non-profit, joining the SDVOB-AZ gives you full access to a directory of highly qualified SDVOB's ready to bid your project and go to work. As a corporate member, your annual dues may be tax deductible.

Why Government & Corporate Procurement Buyers Should Join

The SDVOB-AZ is an important gateway for government and corporate agency heads and contractors looking to locate qualified service-disabled veteran businesses for Federally-funded contracting and subcontracting projects.

Executive Order 13360, signed in 2004, establishes a goal of no less than 3 percent participation by service-disabled veteran businesses in Federal contracts. If your company has been awarded a Federal contract, we can help you comply with Order 13360. If you're a corporation looking for qualified businesses to participate in your supply chain, we want you to think "V2B", or Veteran-to-Business to fill this need.

SDVOB's are run by veterans who protected our freedoms. They do not seek contracts out of an entitlement mentality, but rather because their businesses are as qualified as any other -- often more so -- and they deserve that respect and recognition.