Why join the Elite SDVOB Network?

The SDVOB-AZ is more than an advocacy organization. While we're not shy about meeting with government officials to fight for the rights of SDVOB's, we also provide members with networking, educational, event-participation, and marketing opportunities. As a member, we also give your business the horsepower it needs to be recognized as a SDVOB where it counts: We put your name in front of government & corporate procurement officials by listing your business in the SDVOB-AZ Business Directory.

A Federal law mandating that 3 percent of Federal Procurement be awarded to service-disabled veteran owned businesses was signed into law in 2004. At the Federal level, that's currently over $8 billion per year! Bring in state and local governments, and the figures jumps to an estimated annual opportunity of around $16 billion. As a member of the SDVOB-AZ, we'll help you get your business noticed by these large organizations.

The purpose of the Elite SDVOB Network is to provide a forum where members meet to discuss:

Benefits of membership

  • Monthly meetings
  • Support from other SDVOBs/DVBEs
  • Updates on pending issues

Available opportunities

  • Upcoming contracts
  • Companies supporting SDVOBs/DVBEs
  • Annual Conference that provides business education and networking

Long and short-term goals

  • Being recognized as a valuable resource
  • Locating and registering new SDVOBs/DVBEs
  • Establishing methods of monitoring success
  • Legal obligations
  • Utilization